Sam Kerr & Kristie Mewis’ wedding date fixed and invitations out!!

Sam Kerr & Kristie Mewis’ wedding date fixed and invitations out!!
After Gotham FC’s Kristie Mewis confirmed her engagement to Tillies el Capitano Sam Kerr in early November, the pair have now decided to hard launch their new relationship status on Instagram. I am currently dying of fangirl overload, and it’s only the middle of my shift.On Tuesday night, SK and Mewis made a shared post of photos from the moment they got engaged and seriously, I don’t think I’m well. This is too much for me to handle. They’re just so bloody cute!!!
In the photo dump, the pair seem to be wearing matching outfits, and it’s now clear that it was our captain who popped the big question. Rumours of an engagement have surrounded living soccer legends for months now, so fans worldwide have let out a sigh, “well finally, and congrats!” as the iconic pair officially confirmed their plans to get married in early November.
Sam and Kristie, if you are reading this, know that if you need literally anything for your big day, we would die for both of you without hesitation, do not hesitate to ask. Mewis told People of how Kerr has “just been everything” for her, and said that her fiancé is her “biggest supporter, always listening to me nag and complain all, all of my crazy antics.” We stan a supportive queen.
The happy couple have been publicly dating since shortly after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, where the first rumours of their relationship began.
Shippers of the two have been blessed with an abundance of adorable content of the couple since then, including a super cute interview in the Matildas‘ doco World At Our Feet on Disney+ where Mewis refers to Kerr as “the whole package.”

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