Tpo tips from Jordan Spieth’s coach — to help players ‘learn faster’

Cameron McCormick says his thought can help if you’re working on hinging the club more.

Or controlling the pitch of the club more.

Or if you’re trying to prevent casting on the downswing.

“Whatever you’re working on,” he said.

But that’s maybe not the best part.

Jordan Spieth’s longtime coach thinks it can help you learn faster.

The tip?

Swing two clubs at the same time.

McCormick was talking on a recently published video to his Instagram account — and you can watch it in its entirety by clicking here or by scrolling below. We’ll wait as you watch, then we’ll review it.

In the video, McCormick took two irons, placed one clubhead behind the other and placed the grip of the iron that had the clubhead in front directly below the other grip. He then swung.

“Whether you’re working on hinging more, controlling the pitch of the club more, preventing cast on the downswing, whatever you’re working on,” McCormick said in the video, “when we double the weight, we double the learning effect.”


Your body is working harder.

“When we double the weight,” McCormick said in the video, “we double the learning effect because we’re asking a stronger question of your hands and forearms and therefore brain to strengthen the learning such that when you go back to single club swings, the club is going to want to find those positions far more effectively.”

It’s here where I’ll note that I tried it.

I took a 7- and an 8-iron. The placement of them was easy. The swings were obviously slower, but I could feel my body exerting to line things up. Most notably, though, I could feel a difference with one club.

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