LPGA Injury Update: In Gee Chun Forced to Exit Blue Bay Event Amid Health Concerns

LPGA Injury Update: In Gee Chun Forced to Exit Blue Bay Event Amid Health Concerns
In a shocking turn of events, In Gee Chun has withdrawn from the Blue Bay LPGA. The 29-year-old golfer from Gunsan is known for her resilience and grit under adversity. She was last seen in the HSBC Women’s World Championship, where she placed T5. Now, In Gee Chun’s participation in the Blue Bay LPGA event, located on the picturesque Hainan Island, China, underscored the tournament’s allure and competitiveness.
Returning to the LPGA calendar after a hiatus, the event attracted a dynamic mix of established stars and emerging talents, including returnees like Hee Young Park. The golfers are poised to navigate the challenges of the Jian Lake Blue Bay Golf Course. With a substantial purse of $2.2 million, the stakes are high, promising a spectacle of skill and strategy. Chun, known for her formidable presence in the golfing world, was among those at the forefront, ready to demonstrate her prowess amid a field keen on making their mark​​. So what prompted the sudden change of events?

The cause of her sudden withdrawal in the first round is an injury. However, this is not an isolated incident in Chun’s career. In March 2016, Gee Chun had withdrawn from the JTBC Founders Cup due to injuries sustained in an accident at the Singapore airport. As for now, the cause of this recent injury is yet unknown, but we hope it is not anything serious.

This highlights her perseverance, where she has consistently battled through pain to maintain her position at the top of the game. She has already battled injuries and returned to the game, and her recent form, qualifying for all of her last 6 games, shows great promise.

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