Lexi Thompson Posed Topless for May’s Golf Digest Cover

Lexi Thompson Posed Topless for May’s Golf Digest Cover
Even in a post-Tiger world, golf still has a bit of a reputation for being a stuffy sport. For instance, dress codes are a thing on most courses. Like say you were to show up at a golf course, and I’m just thinking of random examples here, but wearing no shirt. Most golf courses would turn you away. And how annoying is that! Sometimes you’re warm! Plus it helps to ercise shirtless and let your body breathe. This is why, I for one, am super excited that Golf Digest is embracing topless golfing as a thing with their latest cover featuring LPGA star Lexi Thompson.



So next time you show up to a course with just your bag and your glistening chest, you can hold your head high. And if the old, out of touch geezers at the clubhouse try to tell you that “shirts and skins” isn’t a “golf thing” and ask you to “leave before they call the cops again, sir” and make a big deal about you “not even being a member here,” just make sure you have your copy of the May 2015 issue of Golf Digest on hand. Because I’m sure that will shut them up quickly and get you out onto the links in all your glory. Just know that if you’re going to carry your own bag, you should be careful about getting a strap tan on your shoulder. It’s not a good look.

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