PGA of America Chief Steps Down Amid Golf Leadership Shake-Up

In a significant leadership change, the PGA of America announced that its CEO, Seth Waugh, has stepped down from his position. Waugh’s departure marks the latest development in a series of executive changes within the golfing world.

Waugh, who has been at the helm of the PGA of America since 2018, played a crucial role in driving key initiatives and expanding the organization’s influence globally. His tenure saw the PGA through pivotal moments, including the successful navigation of the COVID-19 pandemic’s challenges and the continued growth of the game.

In a statement, Waugh expressed gratitude for his time with the PGA of America and confidence in the organization’s future. “It has been an honor to serve the PGA of America and to work alongside such dedicated professionals. I believe the organization is well-positioned for continued success,” Waugh said.

The PGA of America has not yet announced a successor but assured members and stakeholders that the search for a new leader is underway. The organization’s board expressed appreciation for Waugh’s contributions and commitment to a smooth transition.

Waugh’s resignation comes amid a period of notable leadership changes across major golf organizations, signaling a potential shift in the sport’s executive landscape. The golfing community will be closely watching as the PGA of America seeks new leadership to guide it into the future.

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