Lexi Thompson and Her Mother Focus on Each Other, and Survival

Lexi Thompson and Her Mother Focus on Each Other, and Survival
BEDMINSTER, N.J. — Lexi Thompson hit her drive on her 10th hole and promptly turned her attention to more important concerns. “Where’s Mom?” she asked her caddie, who pointed to a spot in the gallery a few hundred yards away.

Thompson, 22, grabbed a handful of snacks from a table and ran over to give them to her mother, Judy, who had told Lexi, during their predawn drive to the course, not to fret if she did not see her after the first nine holes of the United States Women’s Open.

“I’ll be O.K.,” Judy Thompson said. “I’ll just be inside resting.”

She braved the sweltering heat, walking all but a three-hole stretch of her daughter’s round, which inspired Lexi Thompson to dig deep for a one-under-par 71. Thompson stood five strokes off the early lead held by Feng Shanshan. Before the round, Judy Thompson gave her daughter a good-luck hug. She then walked a few hundred yards down the cart path from the tee box, to what she thought was an inconspicuous spot. She prefers not to draw attention away from her daughter, but on Thursday a low profile was impossible to maintain. One by one, parents of the other players came up to her to say hello, give her a hug and see how she was feeling.

Her radiologist advised her to drink one and a half gallons of water a day, but the humid conditions made it difficult for her to stay hydrated. On her daughter’s sixth hole of the day, Thompson showed her participant’s guest badge to a marshal in the hopes of obtaining a 16.9-ounce bottle of water from a cooler at the tee box. The marshal refused her request. After that, people in the gallery made sure she had a steady supply of water.

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