Finding Myself in Camila Giorgi, but Almost None of Her

Finding Myself in Camila Giorgi, but Almost None of Her
Tennis weather is here, which means it’s time to update my Tennis Minneapolis profile for the upcoming season. Since Nick “The Mouth” Kyrgios is using his mouth better than anyone I’ve heard, I had to update my favorite player to Camila Giorgi. She wasn’t listed in the drop-down menu, and I was forced to select my favorite all-time player, Andre Agassi. But that’s like saying MC Hammer is my favorite artist because he was the first to make me love music. Agassi’s autobiography, Open, did make me fall back in love with the game, but it was my discovery of Giorgi that made me love MY game.

I discovered Camila Giorgi when I first started staying up all night to watch the Australian Open live back in 2020. I was laid off and collecting unemployment. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was lost and needed time to find myself. I just so happened to find myself in Camila Giorgi.

I was between matches I wanted to watch and went searching for something to fill the time. At that point I had decided I’m more a fan of women’s tennis than men’s because points tend to last longer. There are fewer aces and points won as a result of overwhelming serves. Also, they wear skirts.

I came across a Round of 32 singles match between Angelique Kerber, who was ranked 17th in the world at the time, and someone named Camila Giorgi, who I figured had be Italian. I selected the broadcast, saw the Italian flag next to Giorgi’s name, and immediately began rooting for my fellow Italian underdog, sight unseen. Then I saw her.

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