Jordan Spieth’s Son Sammy Stole the Show at Masters Par 3 Contest

Wholesome content was plentiful at the 2023 Masters Par 3 Contest, but there was one player-kid duo that delivered some particularly heartwarming moments throughout the day.

Jordan Spieth and his wife, Annie, took their 1-year-old son Sammy out for his first official Augusta National Par 3 experience in which he could explore the golf course on his own two feet. The Spieths joined Max Homa, who brought his newborn, Cam, and Justin Thomas for the treasured Masters tradition.

Sammy seemed to be having nothing short of a blast on Sunday. The toddler hung out in bunkers, relaxed in the shade, hit a couple of putts, and even gave the rough a test-run at the newly renovated course.

The 1-year-old already made the golf news cycle earlier this year when Tom Kim told the media that he babysat Sammy when visiting the Spieth’s residence for Christmas. Kim, 20, now calls Dallas, Texas, his home and has struck up a close friendship with Spieth.

“Oh, my God, Sammy’s amazing. He’s the most wonderful little boy I think I’ve ever met,” said Kim. “He’s just absolutely amazing. So definitely I’ve seen a lot of kids, but he’s, he definitely makes it a lot easier.”

Spieth, the 2015 Masters champion, seemed to be having just as much fun at his son at the annual competition, if not more. He seemed especially amused when Sammy almost made this assisted birdie putt. The long-range putting magic is in his DNA, after all.

At the Players Championship in March, Spieth spoke about how things have changed for him on the PGA Tour with the added perspective that comes with fatherhood.

“There are times where I probably go home sooner than I would because I’m excited to go home and hang out with the little man at home,” Spieth said. “But that time is more valuable than any other time I could spend doing anything else, and I would prioritize that as best I can, while still trying to be the best player in the world.”

“It’s really a lot of fun. He’s a really happy kid, and that’s really fun to be around. He’s always smiling and laughing, and I like messing with him. Now he’s kind of stable enough to be able to kind of wrestle around with, and it’s a blast,” he continued.

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